Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Review

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Review

Brooks PureCadence 6

The Brooks PureCadence running shoe has always been one of my favorite running shoes, starting with the original PureCadence. Over the past few years, I have owned every PureCadence model and published reviews on the PureCadence 3 and PureCadence 5 models. After seeing that the PureCadence 6 was available, I had to get a pair to try.

The PureCadence 5 had some drastic changes that made me concerned, including the tongue. I was excited to hear about the redesigned seamless upper for the all-new 6th version.

The PureCadence 6 continues to be a great all-around stability shoe that provides lightweight support and responsive cushioning.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Responsive Support
  • True to Size
  • Reduced Price ($110)
  • Limited Color Options (2)
  • Hard to find

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Verdict

The latest Brooks PureCadence running shoe continues to be a shoe in my running rotation. Even though the shoe only has 2 color options, the redesigned upper is extremely comfortable and provides the right amount of support.

The PureCadence 5 was a little narrow for my liking, which was why I was excited about how these shoes felt. The latest version is light, responsive, and provides the right amount of support.

If you are looking for a lightweight stability shoe, I suggest giving these a try. The new version is $10 cheaper than the PureCadence 5 so that is another reason to give these a try.

One thing to note is that if you prefer extra support/cushion, I would recommend trying the Brooks Transcend as the PureCadence may feel too minimal.

Below are a few pictures of the shoes worn for this review.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Initial Thoughts

With the PureCadence 5, I had a number of things that eventually started to bother me about the shoe, specifically the width of the forefoot and tongue. It appeared that with the latest version, these items were updated.

The gray color and 3D print upper looked sharp and were definitely comfortable the first time I put the shoe on.

When I first put these shoes on they felt lightweight, flatter than I recall, but very comfortable.

My first thought about this shoe was that Brooks did a great job with the updates for the latest version of this shoe.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Specifications

  • Shoe Type/Category: Performance Stability
  • Weight: 8.6 oz (size 9 D)
  • Shoe drop: 4mm
  • Shoe Height: 22mm (Heel), 18mm (Forefoot)
  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium to narrow
  • Forefoot: Medium width
  • Previous model: Brooks PureCadence 5

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Overview

The Brooks PureCadence 6 is a stability running shoe designed for runners with a mild overpronated running motion.

This shoe really provides a natural running feel, with a low heel to forefoot drop (4mm).

The redesigned upper feels wider and felt better during my runs with these shoes.  I feel that the colors could be better, but really like the gray color option used for this review.

Weighing in at 8.6 oz for a men’s size 9, these shoes feel light and fast.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Upper

The Brooks PureCadence 6 upper was changed with the latest version. Not only is the tongue a little different, but the new 3D Fit Print upper feels seamless, that provides almost like a sock-like feel.

If you look at the pictures below, you will see the updated design, definitely a unique look, which feels awesome.

In order to keep the foot secure, Brooks continued to include a Support Saddle that allows the shoe to secure the midfoot. The heel has a soft cushion that keeps things secure and comfortable.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the upper was wearing these in the snow/rain. The upper soaked up water/snow more than I would want.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Sole

The Brooks PureCadence 6 sole had minimal changes for the latest version of this shoe.

The shoe continues to have a rounded heel, which encourages a more natural motion and promotes forefoot landing. It also creates a more comfortable running experience.

The same midsole uses BioMoGO technology, providing a responsive ride with increased support. The groves in the sole make it great for running on almost any surface. I would recommend running in these shoes on roads or light trails.

The Dual Toe Flex allows the big toe more room and allows the foot to have a more natural push-off and provides improved balance while running.

As I mentioned above, the sole is very similar to the Brooks PureCadence 5.

Where to buy the PureCadence 6 Shoes

Where to | | Brooks RunningFoot Locker | Road Runner Sports | | Sierra Trading Shoe Finder

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Let me know what you think of the Brooks PureCadence 6 running shoe!

If you need help finding deals on this shoe, contact me.

Brooks PureCadence 6 Shoe Ratings
  • 9/10
    Overall Rating - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Upper - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sole - 9/10
User Review
2.84 (51 votes)

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  • Hello, I had enourmes trouble with Version 5. Blisters on my toes and problems with the tongue just as you wrote in your last review. Before I buy a new shoe, my Pure Cadence 5 is just 1 month old, I wanna ask directly: Are there really really improvements in the front of the shoe inside or is it just marketing to say that there are some improvements?

    • Hey Bali, thanks for the comment. I will tell you this, I think the tongue could still be improved, but I do like the upper much better than last year. I had issues after wearing the 5’s with my forefoot. If you haven’t worn the 5’s much you could sell on eBay and use the money towards the 6’s. I will tell you that my favorite PureCadence model was the 4th version. Let me know what you decide!

      • Hello Active Guy, thanks for your fast response. Oh yes I loved the 4th model too. Unfortunately my last Pure Cadence 4 has done its job last year and since then I am unhappy with all I tested. I currently wear the Brooks Asteria – perfect upper – but it feels very hard for me after a few runs and its support level is a little bit too less for me, too. The Pure Cadence 5 is better for me than the Asteria. But the Asteria fits much better on the upper and feels more soft inside, no blisters and nothing that makes trouble on the toes. I live in Germany and its very very hard to get the new version 6 here, some people say that the 5th version was so bad for much customers that the 6th version (looks very similiar to the 5th) is hard to sell. But I think I will buy the new version and try to sell the old one. Thanks for your test, that helps me very much to decide.

        • Hey Bali, no problem on the response! I had a pair of the Asterias and agree that the upper was better, but a little too firm for me. I’m assuming one of the reasons that Brooks reduced the price on the 6th version was because of the point you made, so many people didn’t like the 5th version. If you need help getting the 6th, I could buy and sell on eBay to you. Let me know! Good luck!

        • This might not be an option since you don’t live in the US but Brooks will take shoes back within 90 days for exchange or refund. I swapped out some Ravennas for Pure Cadence before and they were very helpful. I had not purchased from them directly either.

  • Great review Active Guy. I have loved the Pure Cadence line since version one, but stopped short of buying the 5. Primarily because of the narrow toe box. I have nerve problem in my feet with narrow shoes. You touched on it in your review, but can you notice a difference in the space of the toe box the 6 compared to version 5? Also, would you recommend this shoe over the Saucony Freedom ISO? It is considerably more expensive, but that is the other shoe I was considering.

    Thanks for your great work!

    • Chad, thanks so much for the comment! I agree with you about the PureCadence 5. The shoe was way too narrow. I will tell you that the PureCadence 6 feels better than the PureCadence 5. I have also reviewed the Saucony Freedom ISO and those not only run small (need to order 1/2 size up), but are overpriced. You can enter to win a pair in the Freedom ISO Giveaway and maybe you could try a pair for free.

      If you don’t win the shoes, I would recommend the PureCadence 6 over the Freedom ISO. Cheaper, better fit and the redesigned upper should provide enough room for your forefoot.

      If you have any other questions, let me know! Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Hello back, its really hard to order version 6. But I found one source and got it in red. Wow, I wonder why Brooks built version 5 so bad, because the new one looks like the previews one but its so much better inside. There are no sharp edges or something where your toes run bloody or geht blisters. I tried the new version and can recommend it! Thank you very much for your review. Otherwise I think I would not buy it again because of that trouble with version 5. Nevertheless I will still wear my version 5 but I have to tape two toes when I do not want to have injuries after running.

    • Bali, thanks so much for the comment! I agree that the 5 wasn’t a great shoe. I was happy to see some of the changes to the latest version. Where do you live that makes it so hard to find them? Best of luck with the new version. Let me know how things go as you wear them. Happy running!

  • Im looking at possible buying a pair of 6’s sometime this week when the shop gets them in. My last cadence shoe was the 3 and loved it. I had them on a deployment where replacement was not possible and those shoes had way more mileage than recommended (+1500km). When I got back I switched to the kinvara 7. Being a fore foot striker I was told that there would be minimal difference between a stability shoe and a neutral shoe. 4 weeks into a marathon training schedule I damaged my piriformis and knees. After being layed up for 6 months Im finally slowly getting back out but very reluctant to do any endurance with the Kinvara’s. What is the feedback from forefoot runners using the 6’s or do you think I should be looking at something else?

    • JP, if you are referring to military deployment, thank you for your service! I am a forefoot runner and the 6’s are different than the 3’s. I loved the original PureCadence up through the 3rd or 4th version. Not a big fan of the 5th and thought the 6 was better, but not like the 3’s.

      Are you looking for more support or just a standard stability? I have been running in the Asics GT-2000 and they are a little more support than I need but appreciate the support. Either way, I would try them on at your local store and see how they feel. Let me know if I can answer anything else! Happy Running!

      • Thanks. Its was a military deployment with CAF. The 3s are by far my favorite pair of shoes so hoping the 6s hold up to the name. I’ll look for the Asics also, never really gave them a second thought when I come across them.

        Thanks for the review

  • I’ve always been an Asics gal. I’ve worn the Nimbus and the Keyanos – the Nimbus usually giving me a little bit better experience. However, the recent Nimbus is cut too narrow in the toe box. After getting a pair and having numbness after about 2 miles, I went and blew more $ on a wide width. But then I had looseness all over. I still could wear them with different socks and got along through about 400 miles. Time to switch. I just bought a pure cadence 6 and trying to decide whether to keep them.
    How do you feel they compare to the Nimbus? I train mostly on the road but coach hs cross country so spend that season off-road. I do 1-2 half marathons a year.

    • Toni, thanks for the question! If you are comparing the Nimbus and the PureCadence 6, to me they are very different shoes. The PureCadence has a lower drop (4mm) and is the stability category while the Nimbus has a 10mm drop and is considered a neutral shoe. If you prefer the Nimbus, you may want to check out the PureFlow 5 (the 6 just came out), which is more of a neutral shoe that is similar to the PureCadence. I had trouble with the Asics forefoot too in their newer models. Too narrow with normal width and loose on the wide models.

      Hopefully this answers your question. Let me know what you decide to do and if you have any other questions. Good luck!

  • Hi Active Guy… I’ve been running on Asics GT-2000 for the last 4 years and I’m looking for a change. I’m a triathlete and over pronate. While at the sports store this weekend, the guy gave me the Brooks Pure Cadence 6 shoe to try. I like that there are no or minimal seam lines inside the shoe, which means less or no blisters. Sometimes I run without socks. As I’m reading reviews about it, I noticed some people commenting on traction should have been better in wet conditions. I don’t make a habit of running in the rain, however, in triahtlons your feet are either wet from the swim or you end up dumping water on yourself to cool down. Any thoughts on the traction in this shoe? Maybe you wrote about it? I just didn’t see it. Also, the shoe comes in black and grey… black being just too hot for summer running, maybe the grey is better? Lastly, in your view what are the key differences between Asics GT-2000 and Brooks Pure Cadence 6? They felt about the same while doing 2-3 treadmill run in the store, though once you start running is when you get the real feel.

    • Veronica, thanks for the questions! I have been running in the GT-2000 4 for a few months now. I like both, but the main differences to me are the drop in the shoe and support. The PureCadence is a little more minimal in my opinion. I have never had issues with traction on wet surfaces with the PureCadence or GT-2000. The PureCadence does feel lighter and currently prefer the GT-2000 over the PureCadence due to the additional support it offers. I wish the PureCadence had additional color options but at this point, they don’t have as many options as some of their other models.

  • Rebecca McGee

    Hi… Just bought cadence 6..and this may be silly question…but is there a special way to lace this shoe…since there are 4 extra holes at top? Thank you.

    • Rebecca, thanks for the question! Hope you like the shoes. With regards to the extra holes, I tie them the way they are shown in the review. I don’t use two of them on each side. I am not exactly sure why Brooks included them. Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • I overpronate in one foot and not the other. I usually run in kinvaras but continue to have problems in over pronating side. I have worn some light stability shoes and found some success, however, too much stability causes problems in my neutral side. Do you think this “mild” stability in this show is ok for neutral runners who just want a little extra support (aka my neutral side) ? I wore the five and loved them but returned them because of the tongue. Also found some success in the four.

    • Mike, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. I loved the PureCadence 3 and 4’s, but the 5’s weren’t as great due to the tongue. I do like this version and based on your comment would give these a try. If you try them let me know how they work out. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Good luck!

  • Hello there! I love the PC line but the 5 was a disappointment for me too mostly because of the tongue which gouged into and cut my left ankle. I eventually used scissors to cut an inch off of the tongue to fix it! So that’s my biggest concern before i buy the 6. Can you recommend the 6 based on the changes to the tongue being significant enough? Many thanks for your advice!

    • Drue, thanks for the comment! You are one of many people who expressed the same concerns with the tongue in the PureCadence 5. The updates to the shoe are much better and the issues I had with the tongue in the 5th version were not an issue with the PureCadence 6. Let me know if you have any more questions. If you decide to buy, let me know how they work out! Happy Running!

  • I am currently with my PureCadence 3, and looking for a new shoe – should I go for Cadence 6 or Flow 6? Are Cadence 6 on par with Cadence 3?

    • Mangesh, thanks for the question! The PureCadence 3 was my favorite version of this shoe. If you are looking between the PureFlow and PureCadence, I would definitely go with the PureCadence 6. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy running.

  • Hi. Just went through review and comments. It made me decide to buy PureCadence6. Thanks! I am currently on PureCadence 4 and extremly happy.
    I am also picking “back-up” shoes so I use them in paralel. I was thinking about UA SPEEDFORM SLINGRIDE. Any opinion of yours about this model or alternatives you recommend? The criteria is to have also quite low drop.
    Thank in advance!

  • Hi, Looking for a shoe to train in for quicker tempo runs or interval & I can’t decide whether the Pure cadence 6 or the Asteria is the way to go, any thoughts.I’m a big fan of Brooks, I use the Adrenaline GTS for the bulk of miles & race up to a half in the T7.

    • Hey Adam, thanks for the comment. I’m a huge Brooks fan too, but have been running more in the Adidas Tempo Boost 9 and love them. If you want to stay with Brooks for speed/tempo runs, I would recommend wearing the Asteria instead of the PureCadence. The PureCadence is an awesome shoe, just think the Asteria is a faster shoe in general. If you have any other questions/comments, let me know!

  • Thomas Philipsen

    Hi, I was very happy with the 1. and 2. edition, and done a marathon in both of them. Now out of them for a wile and thinking of getting back with the 6. version. I am looking all over and everybody talks about speed, but what about miles?? Are they perfekt for marathons too? hoping for an advice;-)

    • Thomas, I wore the PureCadence 4 for my last marathon but will say that I don’t know if these are ideal for marathons. What else are you running in? I am loving the Adidas Adizero Tempo 9’s right now. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

      • Thomas Philipsen

        Hmm, and why not marathon? the drop, or the cushioning?
        Now I have new balance 1080 v5, but not the right size and not too happy – Salomon x scream 3d for allround and Salomon Fellraiser (4 mm drop) for the trails and my favorit! Thanks for your reply!

        • It’s not that I don’t think they could be used in the marathon, I just think there are other shoes that I prefer. The drop on these is lower than some of the other models I would choose. The cushioning is sufficient in my opinion. You could always give these a try during your long runs to see if they would work for a full. Not a huge fan of New Balance shoes, but have only tried a few including the original Vongo. Let me know what you decide and how things work out. Good luck!

  • Hi Active Guy!
    I live in Moscow, Russia. There are not many Brooks retailers in our country, and presented model range is also incomplete. I haven’t seen PureCadence 6 in our shops but few sellers still have models 4, 2 and even the original PureCadence in stock. I am an overpronator and at the same time a forefoot-striker seeking more or less ‘minimal’ shoes to strengthen my feet. Last year’s running in Saucony Kinvara 7 was a terrible experience for me. These shoes had infirm fit in my standard size (US 9.5), so I went half size smaller. But it turned out that, in size US 9, they lacked room in the big toe area that caused severe blisters on distances over 15 km as my feet swelled out. Marathon was almost a torture.
    Now I am getting better from a knee injury and going to resume my training soon. Kinvara proved to be totally unacceptable for me, so I need a replacement. I see PureCadence family as a soundest choice in the ‘minimal stability’ category. What are the key differences of the models 1/2/4 (though I don’t like garish coloration of the latter) from the model 6 and what one from these three mentioned would you prefer? I also consider New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo as an alternative but suppose its sole is too bulky for my preferences.

    • Kirill, thanks for the question! Have you tried any of the Saucony stability shoes? The Hurricane ISO 4, ISO Liberty, and the Omni 16 are all great options. The PureCadence shoes are tough to find in the US and have found Saucony shoes easier to get a deal on. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy running!

      • Hi Active Guy! I’m sorry for such a late answer – i’ve saw my comment in the thread neither after I posted it nor some days later, so i’ve thought it was lost. I’ve also not received any email notifications from your site. Only recently I visited this page and saw it in place, along with your answer.
        Now I am still running in my Kinvaras. My current courses are less than 15 km, and in this conditions they are tolerable. Nevertheless, I need more stable and comfortable shoes to train without restrictions and avoid trouble with my feet. I think Saucony Liberty ISO has more sense for me as the rest two models you mentioned have higher drop (8 mm). Unfortunately, I’ve not found Liberty in Russian retail (nice pun though). But there are some retailers selling Saucony Freedom ISO 1 and 2 – as I’ve learned, Liberty is basically Freedom model with additional stability features. Considering fitting Freedom and, if it fits me properly, purchasing a pair of Liberty ISO of the same size from abroad.
        Thank you very much for your advice!

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