Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Review

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Review

I have been a huge fan of the Brooks PureCadence running shoe since they were first introduced a few years back. I have had a few pairs of the PureCadence 1, PureCadence 2, and PureCadence 3, and PureCadence 4 shoe models. I read a number of negative reviews about the 4th version but ended up liking the 4th version. After seeing the PureCadence 5, I really wanted to like the latest updates to this great shoe.

If I had to pick a handful of my favorite running shoes of all time, the Brooks PureCadence shoe would be in the top 5. A great all around stability shoe that provides ample support and cushioning.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Increased support
  • Responsive
  • True to Size
  • Limited Color Options (2)
  • Too narrow
  • Hard to find on sale

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Verdict

The Brooks PureCadence running shoe has been in my running rotation since they were first available. The latest model of this shoe originally did not disappoint, but the more I wore it, the more narrow the shoe felt. The shoe remains to be light, responsive and provides the right amount of support. The padded tongue makes the shoe feel amazing when the laces are tied.

If you are looking for a lightweight, incredibly comfort stability shoe, give these a try. Please note, if you need a shoe with a wider forefoot these shoes may be a little narrow as this was something that bothered me the more I wore them.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Initial Thoughts

I was excited to see the latest version of one of my favorite shoes. When I ordered the shoes online, I couldn’t really tell how the green would look in person. After opening the box I was immediately impressed with the updated look and feel.

The upper was different, the sole was different, and the shoe felt great when I initially tried them on. One thing that stood out to me was how responsive these shoes felt. Lightweight and responsive make these great for tempo or speed work efforts.

My initial thoughts about this shoe were that Brooks did a great job with the updates to the PureCadence shoe.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Specifications

  • Shoe Type/Category: Performance Stability
  • Weight: 8.8 oz (Size 9 D)
  • Shoe drop: 4mm
  • Shoe Height: 22mm (Heel), 18mm (Forefoot)
  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium to narrow
  • Forefoot: Medium width
  • Previous model: Brooks PureCadence 4

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Overview

The Brooks PureCadence 5 running shoe was added to my running shoe rotation. The updates made to this shoe were originally great. They looked sharp and were light as I mentioned above.

Some of the updates made to this shoe include updated sole, tongue, and upper. I feel that the colors could be better, but really do like the green ones that I was able to get for this review.

The other thing that started to bother my feet over time was how narrow these shoes were. They felt great, just way more narrow than I expected.

Weighing in at 8.8 oz for a men’s size 9, these shoes feel light and fast.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Sole

The Brooks PureCadence 5 sole had some major changes with the latest version of this shoe. One thing that will stand out immediately is the updated heel on the sole. The rounded heel encourages a more natural motion and promotes forefoot landing. It also creates a more comfortable running experience.

The updated midsole uses BioMoGO technology that provides a responsive ride and increased support. The groves in the sole give ample grip for running on almost any surface. I would recommend running in these shoes on roads or light trails.

The Dual Toe Flex allows the big toe more room and allows the foot to have a more natural push-off and provides improved balance while running.

As I mentioned above, these updates provide a responsive shoe that has a great feel.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Upper

The Brooks PureCadence 5 upper was updated with this latest version. If you look at the pictures, you will notice that it seems seamless and feels great when the shoe is on. If I had to describe it, it almost feels like a glove. Something way different from most shoes that I have worn.

In order to keep the foot secure, Brooks included n Support Saddle that allows the shoe to secure the midfoot.

As you can tell from the pictures, the updates to this shoe look and feel great. The only thing that I don’t like about this version of the shoe is that it is more narrow than earlier models.

Looking to buy the PureCadence 5 running shoes?

Where to | JackRabbit.comRoad Runner Sports | TriVillage | Sierra Trading Post | Shoe Finder

Let me know what you think of the Brooks PureCadence 5 running shoe!

If you need help finding deals on this shoe, contact me.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Shoe Ratings
  • 9/10
    Overall Rating - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Upper - 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Sole - 9.5/10
User Review
4.33 (3 votes)

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  • I’ve tried the PureCadence 5 after running the the 4 prior versions. I would rate it 2 stars. The biggest problem with this shoe is the rubberized lace eyelets. That rubber strip has rubbed several ulcers on the MP joints of my feet. This is with minimal distance. I’ve tried different socks, 2 sock layers and taping my feet before runs. The rubber ridge hits exactly on the joint. The PC 4 was a much more comfortable running “sock” design. I’ve put several 1/2 marathons on PC 4 but the new version is going back, blood stains and all.

    • That is crazy and must be extremely frustrating. I would agree with you that the PureCadence 4 is better than the PureCadence 5. I appreciate the feedback and hope that Brooks makes the next version better. What other shoes do you train in now?

  • Carsten Schuran

    I’m so frustrated that Brooks have made the Shops so narrow. I Love my pure cadence 2 that was the perfect shoe. All that comes After that was bad. Whoch shoe is likest the cadence 2?

    • I personally like the PureCadence 1, 2, and 3. The 4 and 5 models are way too narrow for me. Are you looking for something other than the PureCadence that is similar to the PureCadence 2? Let me know and I can provide some recommendations. Thanks!

  • Hi , I’ve used the Pure Cadence 4 for the last 6 months. Now , 2 days before a marathon I’ve damage my shoes and can’t find the pure cadence 4 in my size anywhere – is there an equivalent you could recommend ?

    • The PureCadence 5 are really similar to the PureCadence 4. If you wore the PureCadence 3, you already know the updates that occurred when that model came out. The 5 is similar to the 4. Do you have access to a running store with the PureCadence 5? Do you run in any other brands besides Brooks? The last thing I would want to do is to recommend a shoe that wouldn’t work. Let me know so I can suggest something else. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks I got the Pure Cadence 5’s in the end. I really didn’t like them. They rubbed the skin off the back of my feet and at one point I ran barefoot with my shoes in my hands ! The 4’s fit me perfectly and were the best shoes I’ve ever had, for me the 5’s are awful. Thanks for taking the time to give me advice. Is there any other brand you can recommend that may make a shoe similar to the 4 ?

        • Vinod, sorry to hear the PureCadence 5’s didn’t work out. They were closet thing to the 4’s that I could think of. Some of the other shoes that I like that are similar to the PureCadence 4 are the Asics Gel DS Trainer, Mizuno Inspire, Adidas Adizero Tempo, and any other performance stability shoe. Let me know if you have any questions about these suggestions. Thanks again for the comment!

          • Hi , I ended up exchanging the 5’s for a pair of Altra zero drop Torin’s. They have loads of padding but are still very light. They felt a lot like the 4’s. I’ve done 15 miles in them over three days and they seem to be getting better with each run – again just like the 4’s. The only downside is that they do get warm. Have you tried them ? Id be interested to know what you think.

          • Vinod, glad to hear you found another pair to replace the 5’s. I had a pair of Torin’s but ended up exchanging them for the Altra Provision 2.0. They have plenty of support and feel great with the wide toe box. With the Altra’s I have worn, I haven’t experienced my feet getting too warm while running. The Provision 2.0 are a great shoe, but a little different than the 4. Do you find that the PureCadence are narrow? I also just picked up a pair of the Topo Athletic Magnifly. A wide toe box with a slightly firmer ride. Hope this answers your question!

          • I didn’t think the 4’s were narrow , I found the 5’s narrower but that wasn’t my biggest problem with them.
            Thaks for all your advice

          • No problem at all. Happy to help. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great!

  • Loved my Woman’s PureCadence 2, bought a few back up pairs before they stopped making them. Looking for a similar shoe. Any suggestions outside of the Brooks family. Friend recommended Asics GT 2000. Thanks Renae

    • The Asics GT 2000 is a great shoe. I personally don’t have a pair, but have worn a demo pair for a few runs. Are you looking to have a similar fit/feel? The PureCadence 3 is a nice upgrade. I am also a big fan of the Saucony Hurricane ISO. The PureCadence 5 is a solid shoe, but would rather get a pair of the PureCadence 4.

      Let me know if you are looking for a daily trainer or if you want something more tailored for racing/speedwork and I will provide a few options. Thanks for the message!

      • Hi, I am looking for a daily trainer. I tried the Asics but did not like the feel. Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks

        • Renae, if you are looking for other shoes similar to the Brooks PureCadence, I recommend any shoe in the performance stability category. I know you are not a fan of Asics, but the Asics Gel DS Trainer shoe is awesome. I have had this shoe in my rotation for years. Another great shoe is the Mizuno Inspire. Road Runner Sports has a number of performance stability shoes that are great. I am a big fan of the Saucony Hurricane ISO as well. I hope these alternatives help. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

  • I have worn all the previous versions of the PureCadence and just had to return the 5’s. They are too narrow, the shoe is too high on my heel, and the tongue is too long. I’m so disappointed. My right foot continually went numb on all my runs from being too narrow. Now I have to find something different and I don’t want to!!

    • Chris, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I had to return the 5’s too. Just too narrow like you experienced. I was disappointed as well since I have loved these shoes for the past few years. I still have a pair of 4’s that I rotate in my running shoe rotation.

      What shoes are you going to look at next? Let me know if you have questions or if I can help any way. Have a great weekend!

      • I’m thinking of trying Altra’s. I was told that the Altra Provision is similar to the Cadenence.

        • Chris, the Altra Provision is a great shoe. Not sure if you have had a chance, but I wrote a review on them as I mix them in with my current shoe rotation. You can get some great deals on the 2.0 model (latest is 2.5) on

          Let me know if you have any questions about them!

          • I ended up getting the Altra Torin’s. I love them! They are so comfortable and roomy. I’ve had no problems with getting used to them.

          • That’s great Chris! Where did you end up finding the best deal for them? Glad to hear you found something that worked out for you.

  • I have also run in all versions of the cadence, and even though many didn’t like the 4, I thought it was a fine shoe. I have only run about 20 miles in the 5, but there is something different in the gait. The shoe seems a bit raised in the back, and I have an odd tendency to slap the ground in these shoes, something that I have never done in any other iteration. All of my running shoes for the past 4 years have been in the 4 to 6 mm drop, and I generally run mid foot to forefoot landing to the outside of my foot….strange sensation with this shoe…..

    • Tom,

      I agree with you. The more I ran in the 5, the less I liked it. I liked the 3 alot and the 4 as well, but for some reason the 5 wasn’t what I expected. What other shoes are you running in now?

  • I really loved the Pure Cadence 3’s and ran on several pairs of them. I disliked the changes to the tongue that they made to the 4’s but eventually got used to it (I had to fold the tongue down to keep it from cutting my ankle). I have read so many different comments online that are negative about the 5’s, that I might see if I can find any 3’s or 4’s online and buy a few pair. Maybe Brooks will listen and get this shoe back to where it was and the 6’s will be better? One can only hope.

    • Greg, I am with you on the 3’s and the tongues of the 4. The online reviews of the 5 and my experiences have been ok, but not great. I really hope that the 6’s are different and have a similar fit to the earlier version. I recently found a pair of the original PureCadence shoes and they feel great.

      Do you know when the next model will be available?

  • Why not update the review then? The review makes it seem that you’re not disappointed, and that they’re great.

  • Devastated. Loved the 1’s and especially my PC3. The 5 is so completely different. I love more simple natural running even though I pronate. The new 5 exasperates the problem. They aren’t anything special anymore, just a cheap ordinary shoe.

    • Rhys, I agree with you. The 3 was by far my favorite model and still have 2 pairs I rotate in. It’s tough when you try to make something great, greater and end up making things worse. Maybe it’s me, but I feel like the more shoe companies try to change successful models (Hoka Clifton 3), the less they work for me.

      What shoe are you going to try next?

      • The million dollar question! I think I’ll have to go to a running store and start a fresh. I bought a pair of asics gel os trainer as they are more ‘natural’ but after one wear they are ok only. I’ll keep you informed and let me know when you find something that resembles the PC3!

        • Sounds good! I’m interested in what you will go with. I wore the Gel-DS Trainers for awhile, but never loved them. I wore and reviewed the latest pair and liked them, but didn’t think they were that special. It’s tough to find a great shoe for everyday training and a similar pair for racing. Keep me posted!

      • Well…I went to a running shop and had about 15 pairs of shoes out. The one that ended up the best fit for me was….yeah you’ve guessed it….the pure cadence 5s! So I rebought them for $40 more than I did the first time and sucked it up! Just deal with them for a year and hopefully it’ll be ok. Or take up cycling!

        • Oh wow! Where there any other shoes that were close to the PureCadence???? If you need help finding a deal on them, let me know.

          • There was a saucony that was ok. The guy recorded me running on the tread mill and the PC5s were still the best. Gave me a little piece of mind so will see how it goes. Good luck!

        • Thanks for the info – I will go try the 5’s based on this feedback. Question though – the tongue on the 4’s was too long and had a sharp edge that cut into my ankle. I would have to roll it down and try to tuck it under the laces. Did they change that? I still liked the sole of the shoe, they just messed up the cool offset laces/tongue of the 3’s.

          • Greg, the tongue on the 5 is somewhat like the 4’s, but made of a different material. I personally didn’t think the tongue was terrible on the 4’s, but it would never stay straight for me, which was a little annoying. If you like the shoe and are bothered by the tongue, you would always trim the tongue. Hope this helps!

  • I LOVE that the 5 is narrower, because I have a narrow foot! It seems that the few manufacturers who make narrow width shoes assume that everyone with a narrow foot is a plodding, overpronating heel striker, so their models are heavy and overpadded, with huge stack heights and large heel-to-toe drops. I am a masters middle distance runner (800m mostly, with some 400s and 1500s thrown in for variety). I am a forefoot striker and do a lot of speed work on the track; my road training never exceeds 6 or 7 miles per day. So I need a lighter weight shoe that’s close to the ground and responsive–and with a narrow heel so I don’t run out of them! The PureCadence 3 was excellent, but I found the 4 a bit looser. So far I’ve used the 5 for tempo and recovery runs on the road and boardwalk, as well as longer track workouts like 4 x 1k at mile race pace, and am very pleased.

    • That’s great! I did think the 4 was a little looser and may have to give the 5’s another try. Glad to hear that these work for you. Thanks so much for the comment! Happy running.

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