Saucony Tempus Shoe Review

Saucony Tempus Running Shoe

The Saucony Tempus running has been my favorite shoe over the past year or two. I am currently rotating between 6 pairs if that is any indication on how I feel about this shoe. While I wear the Tempus for daily training, I wear the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2  for racing and the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 for speed sessions. I am planning on writing a review on the latest version of these shoes once I get a pair of them.

While this may look like a lot of shoe, it is lightweight and feels great at only 9oz. The Saucony Tempus is available in over 10 colors, which means there is an option for everyone. There is a wide version as well, but this has fewer color options.

The durable sole can handle the increased mileage I was looking for. I even saw some runners wearing these in the Kiawah Marathon that I ran in December.

With the Tempus shoe, I continued to order a 1/2 size up, like I have been doing with all of my Saucony running shoes. The width of the shoe remains similar to other Saucony shoes.

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Below are a few pictures of the Saucony Tempus worn for this review.

Below are pros and cons of the updated Saucony Tempus shoe.

Pros Cons
  • Responsive
  • Stability
  • Cushion
  • Color Options
  • Price ($160)
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Saucony Tempus Shoe Verdict

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In my opinion, the Saucony Tempus shoe is the best stability running shoes for daily training. This may be a bold statement, but this shoe is really comfortable, supportive, and incredibly responsive.

The forefoot has plenty of room and the superfoam on this shoe is comfortable, responsive, durable, and just feels great.

If you are looking for a stability shoe that is great for long runs and daily training, I would strongly recommend giving the tempus shoe a try.

Below are the details of the Tempus running shoe.


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Saucony Tempus Shoe Overview

The Saucony Tempus is one of the newer stability shoes from Saucony. If you overpronate and need a responsive shoe, this is a shoe worth trying. Stability shoes are great for those who have a mild to moderate pronation, something I tend to do. If you wear stability shoes, then you already know there aren’t nearly as many options compared to neutral shoes.

The PWRRUN PB sole is responsive and provides a similar foam feel that other shoe brand have developed. The shoe has a slightly deeper footbed, which provides more comfort around the heel and back parts of your foot.

This shoe is lighter than it looks, weighing in around 9oz, depending on size. The lightweight foam and upper contribute to the minimal feel this shoe provides, but maintains plenty of cushion and support.

One other thing that this shoe contains is recycled materials on the upper portion of the shoe, so you are also helping the environment.

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Saucony Tempus Shoe Details

  • Shoe Weight: 8.9 oz (Men’s 9D)
  • Shoe Category: Stability / Structured Cushioning
  • Pronation: Moderate to Severe
  • Sole Height: 8mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 36.5mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 28.5mm
  • Cushioning: PWRRUN PB
  • Surface: Road (can be worn on soft trails as well)
  • Previous Version: First Version (replaced Saucony Hurricane)

Saucony Tempus Initial Thoughts

I was a huge fan of the Saucony Hurricane, that was until Saucony made a version that was so narrow that it really hurt my feet. When I saw the Tempus replaced the Hurricane, I immediately noticed the wide forefoot, something that I have been looking for.

As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed with how the shoes looked. The shoes felt light, looked fast, and the foam seemed liked it would provide a comfortable ride.

The first run in these shoes was 6 miles around town. From the first step, I knew I would like these. Light, fast, and comfortable.

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Saucony Tempus Shoe Sole

The Saucony Tempus has the XT-900 carbon rubber sole, which is durable and provides plenty of traction on most surfaces. I will say that my shoes slip on my Peloton treadmill, and I’m not sure if its the shoe or the treadmill belt. states the Saucony Tempus is APMA Certified, which is “The American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA Seal of Approval/Acceptance Program recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.”

The PWRRUN PB is an lightweight foam that is responsive, almost bouncy, which I really liked when I first tried these shoes.

Below are a few pictures of the Tempus sole.

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Saucony Tempus Shoe Upper

As I mentioned earlier, the latest versions of the Saucony Hurricane were narrow, something that the Saucony Tempus does not have. The forefoot and toe box area has plenty of room, which has really helped my feet tremendously.

The Tempus uses the mesh FORMFIT, which is lightweight and adapts for comfort that is free and unrestrained.

The material used for the upper portion of the Tempus uses recycled materials, meaning you are helping out the environment. I will tell you the upper is airy and lightweight, which help makes the shoe lighter overall.

Below are pictures of the upper shoe on the tempus.

Saucony Tempus Shoe Ratings

  • 9.3/10
    Overall Rating - 9.25/10
  • 9/10
    Upper - 9/10
  • 9.3/10
    Sole - 9.25/10

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