Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Review

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Review

Saucony Freedom ISO

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For the last year or two Saucony has been creating running shoes with a partial EVERUN sole (not entirely EVERUN). The latest Saucony Freedom ISO sole is made entirely of the EVERUN sole, making this a unique and incredibly comfortable running shoe. The EVERUN sole provides optimal energy return with a touch of support.

I was excited to try a shoe that had a sole made entirely of the EVERUN sole. I had high hopes of a light, fast, and responsive running shoe.

One thing that I was interested in was the sizing of the shoe. A number of different sites, including, suggest ordering a 1/2 size up.

There are 4 color options for this shoe, only 2 of the men’s colors are worth checking out (blue and orange). Saucony has an all black and all white model that I don’t expect to see very often while running.

Below are a few of the things I like and don’t like about the Saucony Freedom ISO running shoe.

Like Don’t Like
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Responsive Sole
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile Shoe
  • Color Options (4)
  • Sizing (order 1/2 size up)
  • Expensive ($160)

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Verdict

It’s easy to see why so many people like the Saucony Freedom ISO running shoe. This neutral shoe has an amazing EVERUN sole that really works for every workout. Even though the sole isn’t as large as a Hoka sole, it provides amazing support and comfort. It’s almost deceptive in my opinion.

The 9.1 oz shoe feels light, fast, and supportive. The upper construction of this shoe provides a sock-like fit making it extremely comfortable.

The shoe has a few color options that are great for almost any type of run. I like the versatility of this shoe and will continue to try to mix this in my rotation.

The construction of the heel was different than expected. It really doesn’t have much structure at all, which allows the heel to conform to your foot. The upper isn’t super wide, but stretches due to the material.

If you order the Saucony Freedom ISO, be sure to order a 1/2 size up. They run small.

I do wish the drop was more than 4mm, but I can understand why Saucony did this with a shoe like this. I do think this shoe would be great for racing and speed workouts, but I would choose another shoe for my long runs.

One downside of this shoe is the price. $160 is a little steep for my liking. 

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Saucony Freedom ISO Initial Thoughts

Having read that the Saucony Freedom ISO was an incredible shoe, I was excited to give the Saucony Freedom ISO shoes a try.

The 9.1oz shoe felt much lighter than I expected. The blue color scheme looked incredible and the really liked the sole. I am not sure if the pictures show how the sole is almost clear up front towards the toe with EVERUN in the background of it.

When I put the shoes on and walked around, the shoe almost felt like a sock, it was that comfortable. I noticed the low drop of the shoe but liked how fast they felt.

I did think the tongue was longer than I think it needed to be.

Here are some pictures of the shoes I wore for this review.

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Specifications

  • Shoe Weight: Men’s: 9.1 oz
  • Shoe Category: Neutral
  • Pronation: Moderate
  • Sole Offset: 4mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 23mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 19mm
  • Cushioning: EVERUN (full sole)
  • Surface: Road (can be worn on soft trails as well)
  • Previous Model: n/a (first model)

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Overview

The Saucony Freedom ISO running shoe is a neutral running shoe that is versatile enough to be used for any type of workout. Supportive enough for long runs, light enough for speed work, and responsive for those daily recovery runs.

According to, “Our first shoe to offer a full midsole of EVERUN Continuous Cushioning. For even more energy return, more responsiveness, more cushioning and a more amazing run from your first step to your last.”

The Saucony Freedom ISO shoe is really that one shoe that can be used for training, recovery, and racing. It is tough to find a shoe that is as versatile as the Saucony Freedom ISO.

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Sole

The Saucony Freedom ISO sole is pretty simple. As I mentioned, all you have to say about the Saucony Freedom ISO is EVERUN, which the sole is made entirely of.

The Full-length EVERUN midsole provides an incredible energy return with each step making each stride better than the last one. The additional layer of cushioning adds to the comfort with this shoe.

The Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber compound improves durability and flexibility which you will notice as soon as you hold the shoe.

I always wonder about the durability of soles that offer the kind of energy return that this shoe does. I am looking forward to reporting back on how the durability of this shoe.

Below are a few pictures of the Saucony Freedom ISO sole.

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Upper

Not only is the Saucony Freedom ISO sole extremely comfortable, but the upper is almost just as incredible. I recently reviewed the Brooks PureCadence 6 and one of my favorite things about the shoe was the sock-like feel that the shoe had. This shoe mimics that feel.

When you put on the Saucony Freedom ISO, you will immediately notice the mesh upper that forms to your foot, providing that sock-like feel that I was just talking about.

The mesh used for the upper is lightweight and extremely breathable. I expect this shoe to keep your feet cool during all running conditions.

The supported heel helps you securely move forward with each step.

Below are a few pictures of the Saucony Freedom ISO upper.

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Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Review Ratings
  • 9/10
    Overall Rating - 9.0/10
  • 8.8/10
    Upper - 8.75/10
  • 9/10
    Sole - 9.0/10
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