Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Review

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Review

Saucony Liberty ISO

The Saucony Liberty ISO stability running shoe is now available! Having been a big fan of the Saucony Freedom ISO, I was excited to try this stability shoe with a full EVERUN sole. I recently reviewed the Brooks Levitate and this shoe reminded me of the all-new Liberty ISO. One thing that is consistent with both is that the forefoot/sole feel a little heavier when you first pick up the shoe.

The Saucony Liberty ISO is the first stability full EVERUN sole running shoe created by Saucony, something that I had high expectations for. I typically can wear neutral or stability shoes but prefer a little stability if the shoe feels good to me.

The Saucony Liberty ISO is a true stability shoe that has a 4mm drop and offers the responsiveness and support you would expect from a shoe with a full EVERUN sole.

Below are the things like and don’t like about the Saucony Liberty ISO running shoe.

Like Don’t Like
  • Responsive Sole
  • Sole Durability
  • Wider forefoot
  • Expensive ($160)
  • Limited Color Options
  • Sizing (order 1/2 size up)

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Verdict

Our Rating:
Viewer Rating:

Saucony delivers with the first full EVERUN stability running shoe. The stability support and ISOFit upper matched with the EVERUN sole make this a solid stability shoe.

The updated ISOFit upper and the 9.7 oz shoe makes this a great shoe for daily trainer and longer runs (longest distance I ran in these was 12 miles).

Some reviews I have read say that this shoe hasn’t “wowed” them and I must say that I kind of agree. The shoe wasn’t as light as responsive as I was thought it would considering the $160 price tag.

One thing to note is that if you buy this shoe make sure you order a 1/2 size up. The shoe has a wider forefoot, which feels great if you have a normal to wider foot.

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Saucony Liberty ISO Initial Thoughts

I was a big fan of the Saucony Freedom ISO shoe was excited to hear that the Freedom ISO was similar to this shoe but made for runners looking for a stability shoe.

The 9.7oz shoe felt heavier than I expected, most of the weight being in the forefoot of the shoe. I really liked the colors I wore for this review and have been impressed with some of the other color combinations I have seen.

The shoes definitely felt great when walking around the house. I ran up and down the driveway and really liked the upper and support of the EVERUN sole. I also noticed the low drop of the shoe, something that felt a little too low for me.

Similar to the Saucony Freedom ISO, I thought the tongue was longer than it needed to be.

Here are some pictures of the shoes I wore for this review.

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Specifications

  • Shoe Weight: Men’s: 9.7 oz., Women’s: 8.7 oz.
  • Sizing: Order 1/2 size up
  • Shoe Category: Stability
  • Pronation: Moderate
  • Sole Offset: 4mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 22mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 18mm
  • Cushioning: EVERUN
  • Recommended Surface: Road (also soft trails)
  • Previous Model: First Version

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Overview

The Saucony Liberty ISO running shoe is a stability running shoe that is ideal for daily training runs and enough support for longer distances. states that “With a full-length EVERUNTM midsole, you will want to run more than ever before. Good thing we added a touch of medial guidance for just enough stability for those extra miles you’ll be putting in.”

The ISOFIT and unique upper provides a lightweight upper with a full EVERUN sole,  making it great for up-tempo or daily training runs.

While this shoe has many similarities to the Freedom ISO, one thing to note is that it is almost an ounce heavier than the Freedom ISO.

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Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Sole

The Saucony Liberty ISO sole is similar to the Freedom ISO sole. All you have to say about the Saucony Liberty ISO sole is that it is entirely EVERUN technology.

The Full-length EVERUN midsole provides optimal energy return with each step making each stride feel natural.

The Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber compound improves durability and flexibility which you will notice as soon as you hold the shoe, similar to the Freedom ISO sole.

The sole includes a medial TPU guidance frame, that helps with runners who overpronate and help limit lateral motion. This is one of the big differences between the Freedom ISO and Liberty ISO.

I expect the sole to be durable just like the Saucony Freedom ISO sole.

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Below are a few pictures of the Saucony Liberty ISO sole.

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Upper

The upper of the Liberty ISO is very comfortable just like the Freedom ISO shoe. The shoe continues to have a sock-like feel that makes it great to run in.

When you put on the Saucony Liberty ISO on, you will immediately notice the mesh upper that forms to your foot, providing that sock-like feel. Simple overlays help stabilize your foot.

The mesh used for the upper is lightweight and extremely breathable, something that you will appreciate during those summer runs.

The supported heel helps you securely move forward with each step.

Below are a few pictures of the Saucony Freedom ISO upper.

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Ratings

Saucony Liberty ISO Shoe Ratings
  • 9/10
    Overall Rating - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Upper - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sole - 9/10

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  • Hey… Great review… Would appreciate some help.

    I’m flat-footed (like a pancake), and have run in the last 3 years in Nike Free run 5.0 (and quite used to the lightness and feel). I recently went in for an upgrade and the Asics store recommended GT 2000 5. I have a very mild over-pronation (that increases slightly with distance). I’m 200cm and 80kgs. While I wasn’t 100% comfortable in GTs (because of the noticeable arch unlike the Free Runs), the store guy insisted its a better fit for me in the long run. Now I have (very) slowly gotten used to them but find them heavy and have lost 10-15% of my pace to it, which I hate.

    Ideally, I want something that have some stability (since I will cotinue to rotate it my GT 2000s which I will use for distance running) where midsole feeling is minimal, is quite responsive (GTs arent) and most importantly, light so that I can use it for speed days. I’m currently running regular 10Ks in low 50s.

    Currently confused between the Liberty ISO, DS Trainer 22, Brooks Asteria and New Balance 1500v3. Which one would you recommend?

    Also, forgot to add that I don’t get my size in the country I live and therefore will need to buy these blind. I’ll be ordering them from overseas with no returns.

    Sorry for the long winded post and thanks for any help!

    • Hey, thanks for the comment and questions. With regards to your question about what shoes to recommend based on your current situation, I would go with either the DS-Trainer 23’s (released this month) or the GT-2000 6. The DS-Trainer 22’s are currently available but the latest 23rd version should be available this month. I should have a review on the site by the end of the month. The updated GT-2000 6 is lighter than the 5th version of the shoe and also have the DynaFlyte foam sole, which makes them feel great.

      If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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