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As I mentioned in my RaceDots review, I continuously am looking for a better way to attach race bibs. I have historically used safety pins and RaceDots in a few races, but the magnets continue to be a challenge when securing a race bib. As nice as it was to not have to use safety pins I figured there was a better way to secure a bib to your shirt.

While I don’t race a lot, I can imagine for those that do would prefer not to use safety pins for every single race. I first heard about BibBoards on Facebook and really like the simplicity of the product and wanted to try them out. I used BibBoards during the 2018 Indianapolis Marathon on my Saucony Hydralite shirt. The Saucony shirts are lightweight and I was curious to see how BibBoards would work.

I was hoping BibBoards would be an easy way to eliminate the need for safety pins to secure my race bibs.

Below are a few pictures of BibBoards and what they looked like on one of my Saucony Hydralite shirts. In the one picture, you can see how safety pins have damaged this shirt.

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BibBoards Verdict

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If you race at least once a year, you need BibBoards. The price point and simplicity of this product make it a no-brainer for those who race. This would also be a great gift any runner or cyclist.

Not only will it be simple to attach your bib to your shirt/shorts, but you will have no holes in your shirt.

As mentioned above, I ran the Indianapolis Marathon with these for the first time. It took 3 tries to get the bib applied and straight. While this may seem like a lot of attempts it was easy to put on and easier to remove after the race. All while having no additional holes in my shirt.

If you are an avid runner, I would highly suggest this cheap alternative to safety pins. Another cool thing about BibBoards is that you can customize the plastic parts used to secure your bib!

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What are BibBoards?

BibBoards were created in 2009 and are an easier way to secure a running or cycling bib. The plastic hardware makes it easy to install and takes only a few minutes to secure your bib.

Check out this video on the BibBoards site to see how easy it is to install.

BibBoards are a cheap and easy way to secure your bib for any active event. Here are a few examples of BibBoards that are available. The pictures below are courtesy of

BibBoards Details

BibBoards are a sleek and effective way to replace using safety pins to secure a bib to a jersey, shirt, or jacket. Below are a few details about BibBoards.

  • Sleek and Lightweight: flat oval shape made from lightweight plastic
  • Fabric-Friendly: Easily keep your bib in place without damaging any shirt or jacket.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: No more having to worry about pricking yourself with safety pins.
  • Compatibility: Works great on shirts, jackets, and shorts

BibBoards cost around $9 for the standard options. If you want to customize the front you will have to a few more bucks.

BibBoards Initial Thoughts

When I first opened up new BibBoards, I was excited for a number of reasons. The BibBoards, not only looked great but were lightweight. Having tried a few other options, these were by far the simplest and lightest. I never would have thought that after racing for all these years a few pieces of plastic would be my best option.

I have been running races for the last 15 years and am shocked I didn’t come across these sooner. Lightweight and easy to use. Tough to beat that combination.

Where to Buy BibBoards

There are a few options to buy BibBoards, but I recommend checking out Amazon or buying directly from as they usually have some discounts.

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What do you use to keep your bib in place?

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