2019 Cleveland Marathon Training Post 6

2019 Cleveland Marathon Training Post 6

2019 Cleveland Marathon

Training for the Cleveland Marathon continues to move forward. Over the past two weeks, I have run my longest year to date and completed 8 by 800m repeats. Both of which were fun, but tough at the same time. I will tell you that after the 18 miler I was pretty sore, but that was probably because of the week I had with less sleep than normal and extra work travel.

As I type this, the Cleveland Marathon is ONLY 32 days away! One of the great things about these posts is that you are forced to reflect on the past two weeks of training and you are constantly reminded of the approaching date of the race. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been averaging around 50 mile weeks. I will tell you that this week I have been a little more tired and sore than usual. I was playing with my 2-year-old yesterday and must have tweaked my knee as I woke up and was limping all morning. I’m hoping its nothing and that I can get back at it in a day or so. I have continued to mix in some bike rides as we are finally getting some nice weather here in Ohio.

One crazy thing happened to me on 4/5/19. I was running down route 303, which is the main street where I live and as I’m running I see a little dog start running after me. I tried to fend it off for a minute while the owner came walking down the driveway. As I’m trying to keep the little dog away, it starts to get aggressive and snips my leg. While he barely broke the skin and left a bruise I had some choice words for the owner. I’m all about people having dogs, but when they potentially harm people is where I have a problem. Sidenote, I was bit int he face by a dog when I was younger so I really am not a big fan of dogs.

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In my last post, I mentioned that the recent weather has been all over the place. Over the past two weeks, the weather has been good for the most part. Earlier this week, we had a typical Ohio weather day. The morning started out with snow/sleet and by the afternoon it was 50 and sunny. I know that some people hate the cold, but I like the variety of weather we get here in Ohio. Just when you think you know, you get snow.

My wife and I are debating about doing the Cleveland 10-miler next weekend. I still need to get  race on the calendar to get an idea of where I’m at from a fitness perspective. If you have any suggestions for spring races, let me know! Make sure you check out the Ambassadors page to learn about the other great Ambassadors of this race. I will be having a giveaway here soon, so stay tuned.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, then you can see some of the pictures I post of my runs and bike rides. Here are a few from the last 2 weeks.

Here is our Cleveland Marathon podcast from Rust Belt Running. If you don’t follow and subscribe to their YouTube channel, you should.

2019 Cleveland Marathon Weekly Training

Below are the training details for the week of 4/1/19 (53.5 miles running, 31 miles cycling).

Below are the training details for the week of 4/8/19 (51 miles running, 49 miles cycling).

My plan continues to include weekly speed work, a tempo run, a longer run, and daily recovery runs. Now that I have done 8x800m repeats I’m thinking about adding some 1200m next. While these workouts are tough, they truly are the most rewarding. 

Leave me a comment or contact me if you have any training suggestions or feedback as I continue to prepare for the 2019 Cleveland Marathon. Remember, Save 10% off any Cleveland Marathon race or challenge with Cleveland Marathon coupon code SLONG2019.

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About the 2019 Cleveland Marathon

The Cleveland Marathon is in its 42nd year and is one of the top 50 oldest marathons in the US. During race weekend Cleveland hosts between 15,000-18,000 runners and walkers in addition to thousands of spectators.

The date for the marathon is Sunday, May 19, 2019, at 7:00 a.m. The full marathon, half marathon, and 10k all start at this time. Plan to arrive around 6 a.m. to allow yourself plenty of time to park and get ready.

Important Links: Race Weekend InfoCourse Info | FAQs

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