Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Review

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Review

When I first read that Saucony was going to be selling running shoes the color of popsicles, I wasn’t sure what to think. The thought of having red, purple, orange, or lime colored running shoes was something I had to see in person before I could have an opinion on whether I liked them or not.

I will be honest, summer is one of my favorite seasons and have definitely been eating more popsicles to enjoy a cool dessert with minimal caloric intake. I like the attempt that Saucony made to stand out a and create unique colors for a few of their shoes during the summer.

The shoe models available in the RunPop colors (orange, purple, blue, green, and red) are the Ride 9, Kinvara 7, Omni 15, Triumph ISO 2, and the Guide 9.

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The shoes themselves are the same as the model being sold. The only difference is the unique color with the RunPops model.

Below are pros and cons of the updated Saucony Guide 9 RunPops model.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight feel
  • Responsive Sole
  • 7 color options
  • True sizing
  • Value Priced ($120 MSRP)
  • Sole Durability
  • No RunPop color flexibility for each model

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Verdict

The latest model of Saucony Guide continues the tradition of this great shoe. This stability shoe has an improved sole thanks to the EVERUN technology and provides a lightweight and supportive running shoe.

In addition to a great fit, there are 7 solid color options to choose from. Something you don’t get from most shoes.

The 9.9oz shoe feels light, fast, and the colors really “pop” when wearing these. The first time I wore these, I received a number of compliments.

If you are looking for a cool looking shoe that is lightweight and supportive shoe, give these a try.

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Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Initial Thoughts

When I first learned that I would be able to try the Saucony RunPop shoes, the first thing that came to mind was are those shoes really as bright as they look online.

After I received the shoes and ran in them, I immediately posted to Instagram. The comments and texts I received were all positive with the look of these shoes.

When I first picked the shoe up, it felt lighter than the reported 9.9oz. If you have read some of my other Saucony reviews, then you know I am a big fan of the newer EVERUN sole technology.

Before running in these shoes, I was hoping they feel as good as they looked. As I mentioned, there are a number of color options (view on

Here are some pictures of the shoes I wore for this review.

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Specifications

  • Shoe Weight: Men’s: 9.9 oz., Women’s: 8.4 oz.
  • Shoe Category: Stability
  • Pronation: Moderate to Severe
  • Sole Offset: 8mm
  • Heel Stack Height: 27mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 19mm
  • Cushioning: EVERUN
  • Surface: Road (can be worn on soft trails as well)
  • Previous Model: Saucony Guide 8

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Overview

The Saucony Guide 9 running shoe is a great daily running shoe that has plenty of support for moderate to severe overpronated foot motion.

The Saucony Guide 9 shoe has some great updates that runners will appreciate. The updated EVERUN sole is flexible, comfortable and responsive. As I mentioned above, the shoe feels lighter than the actual weight.

If you visit, they describe say that the “The Guide 9 is back at it again, delivering a plush and supportive ride“. Plus, the new TRI-FLEX outsole configuration provides more support with each step.

My favorite updates to this incredible shoe are the sole. Weighing in at 9.9oz for a men’s size 9, these shoes are a great weight for those recovery runs and tempo efforts.

Here are the 7 different men’s color options.

Saucony Guide 9 Men's Colors

Here are the 7 different women’s color options.

Saucony Guide 9 Women's Colors

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Sole

The Saucony Guide 9 has an updated sole made with the EVERUN technology. This incredible sole provides a responsive feel that distributes the pounding over your entire foot. You will feel this when you first run in them.

The updated midsole material is lightweight, comfortable, and provides increased durability.

As I mentioned above, the EVERUN sole not only provides a smooth ride, but is highly durable, and provides returned energy back to you with each stride.

The XT-900 outsole is made of carbon rubber material that improves durability along with traction. The first time I wore these was after it rained. I did noticed the grip that I had on a paved trail surface.

The Flex Grooves not only look cool, but improve the sole flexibility and comfort of the forefoot of this shoe. You will see these groves on most of the newer Saucony ISO running shoes.

If you were a big fan of the feel or the Saucony Guide 8, you will really enjoy the updated model.

Below are a few pictures of the sole.

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Upper

The Saucony Guide 9 upper is similar to the previous model. The open mesh material provides a lightweight and breathable material. I first wore these on a warm and humid day and had no problems with my feet sweating too much.

The RunDry collar provides a snug and comfortable fit, while absorbing moisture.

One of the things that felt great was the ComfortLite Sockliner. This liner contours the inner of the shoe and helps with alleviating pressure on the forefoot. I must say these shoes were very comfortable from the first time I put them on.

As you can tell from the pictures, the updates to this shoe look great. I do wish the forefoot of this shoe was wider, but isn’t a big deal since this shoe does have a wide model that can be purchased.

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If you have ran in these shoes, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Please note: I received these shoes from the great people at for this review.

Saucony Guide 9 RunPops Shoe Review Ratings
  • 9/10
    Overall Rating - 9/10
  • 8.8/10
    Upper - 8.75/10
  • 9/10
    Sole - 9/10
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