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I previously wrote about how the pandemic changed how I live, how I work, and how I dress everyday. Prior to the pandemic, I typically wore business casual attire everyday, which meant dress pants and dress shirts. Now that I work from home everyday, my attire has changed dramatically. 

I loved the other Kuhl items that I reviewed earlier in the year, most notably the Freeflex pants. I had a feeling I would like the Kuhl jeans and apparel, which was the main reason I was excited to try the Klassik Jeans and the Kuhl Descendr flannel shirt. 

Kuhl.com explains the brand story. “KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry, are kind to your community, then the independents will thrive. We don’t have shareholders or VC investors. Our livelihood depends on you and your satisfaction with our product. We never forget it.”

I continue to say that if you are looking for the best work from home apparel, Kuhl is the way to go. Their products are incredibly comfortable, well made, and priced competitively. The Freeflex pants are the best lightweight pants while the Klassik Jeans are almost like workout pants that look like classic jeans.

Give Kuhl a try, you won’t regret it.

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Kuhl Denim™ Klassik Jeans

When I first originally reviewed Kuhl Apparel, the first pair of pants that I ever wore were the Freeflex pants. These pants not only felt great, but looked great. They were perfect for working from home, going for a hike, a walk, and basically anything else you need pants for. With that said, I had high expectations for the Klassik Jeans.

When I first opened the Klassik Jeans, I immediately noticed the stretch that these jeans have. While they look like the typical jean, they are way more than that. The style, the fit, and the comfort make this an incredible option for everyday wear. I work from home and will tell you that these jeans are just as comfortable as any pair of pants I have worn.

The stretch of these jeans is really is unique. I haven’t worn a pair of pants that feel like this. The material for these jeans are 58% Organic Cotton, 17% Modal, 11% Lyocell, 13% Elasterell P, and 1% Lycra / 356 GSM. 

From Kuhl.com, The KÜHL DENIM Men’s Pant is cut from our exclusive heavyweight performance denim. Highlighted by impressive stretch and phenomenal rebound, these pants maintain both fit and form over extended wear. A classic five pocket design conceals the extraordinary freedom of motion usually reserved for your favorite sweatpants.

These pants are a game changer and one you won’t regret buying. These pants currently have 2 colors (Midnight (pictured) and Vintage Blue) and retails for $99.

I will say that the only thing I don’t really like is the side pocket, which can be used for mobile devices. While it may be practical, I just don’t think it looks great. I will say that the look and feel of these jeans override a pocket that I don’t really like.

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Here a few few pictures of the Klassik Jeans​.

Men’s Kuhl Descendr™ Flannel Shirt

If you are looking for a stylish and warm flannel shirt, look no further than the Kuhl Descendr Flannel shirt. I usually struggle with shirts because I usually wear in between a medium and a large. This means that most shirts are either too tight or too wide.

When I read the sizing chart for the Descendr, I decided to go with the medium based on the chest measurements. While the medium was a trim fit, it offered plenty of width and the arm lengths were perfect. The flannel material was soft, comfortable, and looked great.

This shirt is great for the video conferences. It looks great, and comfortable enough to wear all day.

From Kuhl.com, “Luxuriously soft, lightweight, and breathable, the DESCENDR Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt also delivers durability and a comforting stretch. Two securable chest pockets and a hidden interior pocket provide safe storage. KÜHL’s signature metal buttons add stylish detail.

This Kuhl Descendr retails for $85, so not too expensive, but expensive enough where you want to make sure you are getting a quality shirt. This comes in five color options at the time of this review.

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Here a few few pictures of the Kuhl Descendr flannel shirt.

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