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The pandemic has changed how I live, how I work, and how I dress everyday. Prior to the pandemic, I typically wore business casual attire everyday, which meant dress pants and dress shirts. Now that I work from home everyday, my attire has changed dramatically.

I went from looking professional to dressing comfortably with a bit of style. Before wearing any Kuhl apparel, I would usually wear khakis and a button-down or a 1/4 zip, mainly because they were close enough to work apparel without dressing up. I have always thought that you have to dress the part if you want to do the part, meaning I can’t work everyday in pajamas.

When Kuhl reached out to me about reviewing some of the apparel, I was excited because this was a brand I have seen many times, but never personally worn. As I learned more about the company, they were even cooler than I anticipated.

Kuhl.com explains the brand story. “KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry, are kind to your community, then the independents will thrive. We don’t have shareholders or VC investors. Our livelihood depends on you and your satisfaction with our product. We never forget it.”

I can assure that if you are looking for the best work from home apparel, Kuhl is the way to go. Their products are incredibly comfortable, well made, and priced competitively. The Freeflex pants are the best lightweight pants I have ever worn and perfect for work, hikes, and pretty much any activity.

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Men’s Kuhl Freeflex Pants

The first Kuhl product that I wore was the Freeflex pants. As I mentioned earlier, working from home has changed how I dress. When I first put on these pants, I immediately noticed how comfortable they were. They literally felt like I was barely wearing anything. The pocket on the side is perfect for a cell phone and the rear pocket is great for a wallet. The tapered fit make these look stylish and great for any occasion. 

They were stylish enough to wear at home, to the store, and even to swimming lessons with the kids. The lightweight feel and flexible fabric turned these pants into my daily go to pants for everyday wear. I have since bought the lighter color to go with the dark grey color you see below.

I recently wore these pants out for a walk in a light rain. These pants kept me dry the entire time. I have nothing but great things to say about these awesome pants. I have also learned that there are FREEFLEX™ shorts, which I plan on buying in the spring.

From Kuhl.com, “The KÜHL FREEFLEX slacker pants are designed for working up a sweat in the gym, yoga studio or great outdoors. Lightweight, wicking and quick-dry, innovative FREEFLEX fabric stretches without spandex so these pants won’t sag or bag over time.”

These pants are a game changer and one you won’t regret buying. These pants currently have 3 colors (Metal, Koal (pictured), Storm) and retails for $79.

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Here a few few pictures of the Kuhl FREEFLEX™ Pants.

Men’s Kuhl Skar 1/4 Zip

If you are looking for a stylish and warm pullover, look no further than the Kuhl Skar 1/4 zip. I am always skeptical of merino wool, mainly because my first experience wasn’t great with the comfort level of the sweater I was wearing.

The 1/4 and fit is perfect. I would say the the Skar has a slightly tailored fit, which is perfect for me. This has been my latest pullover for working from home. It provides enough style, warm, and comfort that make it an easy selection for the upcoming winter months.

From Kuhl.com, “Take the SKAR Men’s 1/4 zip on ride, run or whatever adventure you’re looking for. It’s made with 18.5 micron merino wool that’s luxuriously soft with no itch and features a 1/4 zip for temperature regulation. As you climb higher, go further and explore more, get a sweater that makes it all better.”

This 1/4 zip retails for $109, so a little pricey, but well worth it. This comes in three color options (Black, Smoke, Blue) at the time of this review.

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Here a few few pictures of the Kuhl SKAR™ 1/4 ZIP Shirt.

Men’s Kuhl Bravado T-shirt

If you have great pants and a great pullover, you have to have a great shirt underneath. One of the great t-shits that Kuhl makes is the BRAVADOt-shirt. This shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable, making it perfect to be worn underneath the many pullovers and jackets that Kuhl produces.

From Kuhl.com, “In our search to make the perfect crew we created the BRAVADO. Our quest led us to an artisan supplier that makes the most luxurious, premium long-staple 100% organic-certified cotton yarn that is both softer and stronger than anything we’ve ever felt. We then added a light crystal polish in the finishing process to make it beyond soft.”

The t-shirt is made from organic-certified cotton and retails for $40, which is a little more than I usually pay for a t-shirt. The shirt comes in eight color options so you have plenty of choices.

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Here a few few pictures of the Kuhl BRAVADO™ Shirt.

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