Adidas Tempo 6 Shoe Review

Adidas Tempo 6 Running Shoe review

Earlier in the year, I was looking to find an another shoe that I could not only race in, but could use for speed work and tempo runs. I did some research and ended up buying the Adidas Tempo 6 running shoe from Holabird Sports. Not only did I get free shipping, but I found the best price. The one thing that was interesting was that when I did searched online, I had trouble finding my size (11 D). This is typically an indicator of a good shoe when common sizes are sold out.

Adidas Tempo 6 - Side

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight cushion
  • Price (Retail $110)
  • True sizing
  • color options

Adidas Tempo 6 Verdict

The Adidas Tempo 6 is an amazing running shoe. This shoe wasn’t nearly as soft as the Hoka One One Clifton, but it was so responsive and made speed work efforts more enjoyable. This is the first pair of Adidas shoes that I have purchased in a long time and am already looking forward to trying the Adidas Tempo 7 running shoes. These shoes felt so great during my tough runs, that I am planning on wearing these in my next marathon.

About the Adidas Tempo 6

The Adidas Tempo 6 running shoe is extremely light and weighs in around 8 oz. This is a great weight for a shoe that can be used for a variety of distances and types of running. This shoe is available in 2 different colors and has a great price point that most people can afford.

This shoe is a lightweight and performance stability shoe that will help you set new personal records.

Adidas Tempo 6 Shoe SpecificationsAdidas Tempo 6 - Main

  • Retail Price: $110.00
  • Offset: 10mm heel to toe offset
  • Forefoot Height: 12mm forefoot height
  • Heel Height: 22mm heel height
  • Weight: 8.1 Ounces (size 9)

Adidas Tempo 6 Initial Thoughts

When I first put on the Adidas Tempo 6 running shoe, I instantly noticed the continental rubber sole, the glaring colors, and the lightweight feel of the shoe. It not only fit great, but provided just enough cushion to wear on longer runs and tempo runs.

The upper was thin and allowed my feet to breath and stay cool. The vents on the outer sides of the shoe allowed cooler air during warmer runs. The one thing I did notice was that it seemed the laces were longer than other shoes I have recently worn. Either way, I absolutely loved these shoes from the first time I put them on.

During my first run, I was excited to feel light on my feet and fast. For some reason these shoes feel and look fast. I recently set a PR in a 5K wearing these shoes. I am looking forward to wearing them in my next marathon.

Adidas Tempo 6 Sole

The Adidas Tempo 6 sole has a few different technologies to give you a smooth and efficient ride. As I mentioned earlier, the Continental rubber sole provides 20% more traction in dry weather and 23% more traction in wet weather. The ability to do this makes this shoe extremely versatile. Additionally the CS light strike heel minimizes weight and provides most cushion. These technologies offer traction in all-weather types with minimal weight.

Adidas Tempo 6 Upper

The Adidas Tempo 6 upper is constructed of Sprintweb technology that provides a seamless upper and provides the right amount of support and comfort. The mesh like lining provides the ability for the foot to stay cool with ample airflow.

The thin tongue helps reduce weight and allows the shoe to do as you would expect.

Where to Buy the Adidas Tempo 6

The Active Guy Conclusion

The Adidas Tempo 6 running shoe is now in my top 3 for speed work and racing shoes. The combination of support, lightweight, and soft feel makes this shoe my go to for races of all distances. The ability to provide extra traction on all surfaces makes this shoe an excellent shoe for any run.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe, that not only looks fast, but feels fast, then this is the shoe for you. I really like how the price of this shoe is competitive with most running footwear. If you look around, you can find these shoes for under $100.

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