2015 Pittsburgh Marathon Update

2015 Pittsburgh Marathon Training Update

Last month I posted my inspiration and motivation to run the 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon. I wanted to provide everyone with an update that I never expected. I have decided to not run the 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon. Insert frustration, disappointment, and plenty of other emotions.

Why am I not running?

About a month ago I was playing in my weekly coed soccer league and was kicked in the calf towards the end of the game. This is something that happens all the time and thought nothing of it. I continued to run on it the next day and it was a little sore, but nothing severe. As the week went on, the soreness remained, but still dull and not enough to keep me from running.Calf Strain Details

A few days after this happened, I was out for a 8 mile race pace run. I started out quickly without properly warming up and 4 miles in to the run, I felt a pinch in the same calf that had bothered me. Between the cooler temps and my tight calf, I had to stop for a few minutes. I slowly jogged home, but knew something wasn’t right.

I took the next few days off and rode my bike when I could to main my fitness levels. After 2 weeks of resting, icing, stretching, and heating, I decided to go see a doctor (I should have gone sooner). I went to go see Dr. Leo Kromanik II, who is an amazing running and an expert with sports injury rehabilitation. He confirmed the grade 1 calf strain and had ART (active release treatment) treatment applied.

Dr. Kromanik gave me a number of exercises and stretches to do. I also purchased some Zensah Calf Compression Sleeves on Amazon.com (gotta love being a Prime Member). A week later I am glad to say that things are starting to improve. I am able to run a few miles, but nothing longer than 5-6 miles. If I didn’t miss almost 4 weeks of training, I would try to run.

I have never had a calf injury before and can’t begin to explain the frustration and disappointment. It is amazing how quickly you miss the things that so many take for granted. I haven’t raised enough money and am missing a race that I want to run in so bad.

Disappointment and moving forward


I have completed 19 marathons and the Pittsburgh Marathon would have been my 20th. I have never missed a marathon due to an injury. I believe it was due to not warming up properly and not letting my calf rest for a few days after my soccer game.

The last thing I wanted to do is to let down the Our Clubhouse PA group. In addition to not raising enough money for a great organization, I let them know that I would not be there to support the other runners. This was a bummer as I really wanted to be there for the team, but can’t justify the cost to travel a few hours to do this.

This experience has been humbling, motivating, and educational. I am still trying to raise the $500 I committed to and really hope to meet the goal. I have learned a bit about ART and calf injuries and hope to share some of the things I learned during this month-long journey.

What is Our Clubhouse?

Our Clubhouse PA is an organization that helps make sure that anyone touched by cancer – men, women, teens, and children – will not have to face it alone and has a place to go where they can find comfort, care, and hope. Here is a short video that provides information about the great things this organization does.

How you can help me and Our Clubhouse?

Any donation you can give supports a great cause. As I have mentioned in the past I will gladly match the highest donation and am still required to raise at least $500.

Support Our Clubhouse PA

Thanks for taking the time to read this update. I wish had better news for you. If you don’t support Our Clubhouse PA, please consider helping other cancer research organizations like the Jimmy V Foundation.

If you have any questions, please let me know by sending me a tweet or sending me an email.

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