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One thing to note is that Peloton has a new rower. I haven’t personally used it, but have a friend who has. Positive feedback so far. Additionally, bikes start at $1,445 for the base model and $2,495 for the Bike+. I would say that most can get by with the base model.

The Tread starts at $3,495, so a bit higher than other treadmills. I will admit that I love my Peloton treadmill. If you use the link on our page, you can get $100 off apparel. Use the link below to get started today. As always, if you have questions, let me know!

You can still get a free 60 day pass to use the app, which is great for core and strength workouts. Even if you don’t end up getting a bike or tread, I think paying for the app is worth it. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Peloton, let me know.

If you are a first responder or in the medical field you can get an even better discount by calling or chatting online with Peloton. A few weeks ago, Peloton dropped the price of the Bike Basics to $1,495, so you can really get a good deal if interested. Peloton also released a new treadmill called the Peloton Tread that starts at $2,495. This is I just received a week or so ago. I will post an upcoming review on it. So far I love it.

I was skeptical about Peloton as I have been an avid user of the Zwift (virtual cycling app) for years and always wondered if Peloton compared to Zwift. Zwift is awesome for cycling, but doesn’t have the strength training and other workout classes offered within the Peloton app. While Zwift is only $15/month, I always wanted more variety, which is what I get with Peloton. Now that I work from home, I use the Peloton app all the time to do a 10 minute core class or a 20 minute strength class in between meetings.

Save $100 off Peloton accessories with promotion code.

Right before I placed the order for our Peloton, I decided to do a quick google search for Peloton Coupon Code and Peloton Promo Code. I figured that for a piece of equipment they would either have a referral program or some type of discount. With shipping delays of up to 6 weeks, I really wasn’t sure if they even needed to offer any incentives due to the demand of their products.

It turns out that Peloton has a referral program that allows new customers to save $100 off any bike or tread accessories, which includes cycling shoes and mats with promotion code.

The $100 is great for new riders as most don’t have cycling shoes (which can get really expensive) so being able to save $100 off $125 cycling shoes is very attractive. Getting a new pair of cycling shoes for only $25 is a great deal. While these are not top of the line cycling shoes, they are perfect to get started and come with compatible cleats.

Here are a few pictures of our Peloton Bike setup.

Now if you aren’t sure you want to buy a Peloton or not, here is some more information about what Peloton is and why its a great motivator to keep you active.

If you do purchase a Peloton Bike (not the Bike+), I highly recommend this screen swivel so that you can easily do Bike Bootcamps. The original Peloton Bike doesn’t allow you to move the screen and this easily allows you to do that.

How to apply a Peloton promo code

Peloton makes it very easy to apply the referral promo code when checking out. Once you have applied a bike or treadmill to your cart, be sure to add at least $100 worth of accessories. If you need cycling shoes, I suggest buying those. After the $100 promo code, the shoes will cost $25.

You can find the promo code field below the subtotal and tax field. You can select the enter a promo code link to enter in the promo code. Once you have entered the code and selected apply, you should see the $100 discount appear as shown below.

Below are two screenshots of where the enter a promo code field is along with what it looks like when the Peloton promo code is applied. The promo code used below was.

What is Peloton?

Peloton is brand that makes top-rated exercise bikes and treadmills. The equipment prices vary based on options and features of each piece of equipment.

In addition to paying for the piece of equipment there is a $39.99 a month membership fee that gets you access to the workout library and live events. If you do not have a Peloton bike or treadmill, you can just use the app, which costs $12.99 a month. The app provides you access to almost everything, including strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching classes.

Save $100 off Peloton accessories with promotion code.

The great thing about the app is that its available on some smart tv’s, Amazon Fire sticks, and Roku streaming sticks. This makes it simple to be able to workout in pretty much any room in the house, so no excuses.

Why Should I use Peloton?

The Peloton app has been one of the best things for me over during the pandemic while I worked from home. The app has a ton of workout classes that allow you to focus on different parts of the body with varying levels of effort and time.

One thing I really like is that within the app, you can filter on workout type, equipment needed, and the length of the class. The length of class filter is awesome because if you only have say 15 minutes, you can easily find a class length that will work for you. It really gives you no excuses to not do something.

If you need motivation to workout, the Peloton app will certainly help with that. All of the instructors are high energy, motivating, and really help you want to perform your best.

Jess Sims has one of the best quotes, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” The instructors are inspiring and really make it feel like you are in a workout class setting.

Where to Buy a Peloton?

You can buy the Peloton at any of their locations or online. We purchased ours online and used a referral code, which allowed my wife to get a pair of shoes for $25.

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