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Run, Train, and Live with Nike and Jack Rabbit

Running, Training, and Living Running, Training, and Living is something that many of us do every single day. Whether you are training for a marathon, half marathon, or any other race, then you know that training is just as important as running. Continuing to strengthen your legs, core, and mind all make those race day performances more successful. I’ve participated in more than 20 marathons and one thing that is important to me is the gear that I […]

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Save on Nike Running Shoes and Fleece

Nike Shoe and Fleece Sale

Save on Nike Running Shoes and Fleece Apparel If you follow this blog, you know that is one of my favorite online running stores. is having a big Nike running shoe and fleece sale that I wanted to share. For a limited time, Save 40% off some of the top rated Nike running shoes and save an extra 30% off Nike fleece with coupon code TECHFLEECESAVINGS. Even though it’s summer, now is […]

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Nike Structure 17 Running Shoe Review

Nike Structure 17 Shoe Review

Nike Structure 17 Running Shoe Review I haven’t worn Nike’s in a long time and had heard a few people talking about the Nike Structure 17 running shoe so I figured I would give them a shot if I could find a good deal. I did a few searches and was able to end up getting a cool looking green pair for about $60 shipped. Not bad considering these shoes retail for $115. Not only […]

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