Top Cycling Bibs and Shorts of 2015

Top rated cycling bibs in 2015

Earlier this year I strained my calf playing soccer and tried to run through the injury, something I will never do again. In an effort to recover from my calf injury, I wore the 2XU ultra compression calf sleeve, foam rolled, performed calf strengthening exercises, and started riding my Cervelo S2 road bike and Felt F75 Cyclocross bike.

I went from running 6 days a week to cycling 5 days a week and lifting 1 day a week. I quickly realized that the cycling bibs I was wearing were not as protective as I thought they were. In an effort to maximize my cycling performance and enjoyment, I did some research and tried out over a dozen different cycling bibs. Some were given to me and some were purchased at a discounted price.

Below are my top 5 cycling bibs of 2015.

If you are unsure of the importance of the proper cycling equipment, then buy a pair that isn’t rated very high and buy a pair of a top rated cycling bibs. Your body and specific body parts will appreciate the investment in the higher quality cycling bib.

Below are my top 5 cycling bibs of 2015.

1. Castelli Free Aero Race Cycling Bib ShortFree Aero Race Cycling Bib Short

If you are a cycling fanatic like myself, then you know that Castelli makes some of the best cycling gear on the market. If you have watched the Tour de France, then you know many of the top teams wear Castelli.

In all the bibs that I wore, these were by far my favorite. There were a number of updates to this bib that made a slight improvement on the top-selling shorts in 2014. The seat pad, bib strap construction, and pattern work were all updated for 2015.

The key updates are in the seat pad, the bib strap construction, the waistband construction, all-new fabrics, and pattern work that went through several iterations before striking perfection.

After every ride with these, my bottom felt great and these shorts kept me cool in all temperatures. I can’t say enough about how great these shorts felt. The updated seat pad provided the right amount of cushion and support for rides of all distances.

Many of the top teams of the Tour de France, including Team Garmin and Team Tinkoff Saxo all wear these amazing bibs.

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2. Louis Garneau Course Superleggera Cycling Bib 

Louis Garneau Course Superleggera Cycling Bib Louis Garneau is a brand I haven’t really tried until I started watching the Tour de France a few years ago. It seemed that every year Thomas Voeckler and the Europcar Team was always up front sporting Louis Garneau cycling gear and helmets. Even though I ended up going with the Giro Aeon helmet, Louis Garneau was a brand that I had to try.

The Superleggera cycling bib is a top rated bib that is extremely lightweight and breathable, something that is needed during the summer cycling months. The 5Motion design combines 3D preshaped wings and a split at the back bridged by vented mesh that allows for maximum comfort for any cycling distance.

I was shocked with how great these shorts felt. I rated this bib second as I was extremely impressed with the design, look, and feel of these bibs.

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3. Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Cycling Bib ShortPearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Cycling Bib Short

The Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool cycling bibs are my value cycling choice for 2015. Some of the other bibs I recommend retail for around $200, which is a big investment. I only recommend spending that kind of money if you are going to ride often like I have been. When you add in the TriVillage coupon ‘ORDER100-10’, you can get these shorts for under $125, which is a great price for a top rated bib short.

This bib was one of my favorites. The price, appearance, and feel all felt absolutely amazing. These popular cycling bibs have an updated decide and give a durable and comfort during those warm summer rides.

If there is one thing I would change about this short, it would be the grip around the inside of the thigh area of the shorts. Historically Pearl Izumi bibs tend to ride up in the quad area.

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4. Sugoi RS Pro Cycling Bib Short

Sugoi RS Pro Cycling Bib ShortPrior to riding as much as I have over the past 4 months, I never wore anything made by Sugoi. After trying on the Sugoi RS Pro Cycling Bib Shorts, I wished that I would have checked out this brand sooner.

The Sugoi RS Pro cycling bibs felt almost as great as the Castelli Free Aero Race cycling bibs. The 3-way fabric and formula FX Chamois made for an extremely comfortable ride.

The one thing that stood out about these shorts was the ventilation. These shorts are made of a 4-way stretch fabric that keeps you cool and provides maximum comfort.

With a TriVillage coupon code, these shorts are very reasonably priced for the comfort they provide.

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5. Craft Tech Bib Cycling Shorts

Craft Tech Bib Cycling ShortsSimilar to the Sugoi RS Pro Cycling Bib Shorts, I had never worn a pair of Craft cycling bibs prior to injuring my calf. I had to add these to my top 5 bibs as they felt almost as good as the other bibs I have reviewed today.

These top rated shorts are musing durable and ergonomic fabrics that help promote thermo regulation, which helps keep you cool in all riding conditions.

The fabric is extremely lightweight that I almost felt as if I wasn’t wearing anything. Something that only a few cycling bibs can do.

The mesh straps are comfortable and provide enough airflow and compression to keep things comfortable for rides of all distances.

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What cycling bibs are your favorite? Please share your favorite cycling apparel items.

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